GOOD FOOD HK – La Perouse Restaurant Bar & Lounge

A month ago, a friend contacted me and asked if I will be interested to be a part of a group called GOOD FOOD HONG KONG. Well, what is this all about? GOOD FOOD HONG KONG  is a group intended to connect different charitable organizations with people who love their food. Our purpose is simply to contribute while enjoying good food with some good people. This group is established and operated by a few friends who enjoy good food and dinner gatherings. Our committed team members are dedicated to share their professional skills and knowledge to volunteer in the group. Members have different background in industries including marketing, event management, PR, publishing, design, and F&B. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we share the same goal and belief to contribute our little bits to the society.

In August, we will be having our second charity dinner and this time we invited Companion Animal Federation (CAF) to be our partner.  Dinner will be held at La Perouse Restaurant Bar & Lounge, I’ve never tried this restaurant, but’s reviews are looking pretty good.

It is always hard to gather or meet up with friends when you are in Hong Kong.  One of the purposes of GOOD FOOD HONG KONG is to allow you to spare some time to have a good chat with old friends, new friends, while having good food at a good cost.  If you are feeling the same way, please join us at Le Perouse Restaurant Bar & Lounge on August 7, 2011.

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